Requested Date of Service and Communication: You will receive an email copy as soon as you submit the form; if you notice any inaccuracies or problems or you do not receive an email copy, please call our office as soon as possible. We book openings by the week of the month, and will contact you before your scheduled week to confirm the details of your opening and to arrange payment.


These are the services performed as part of “Remove Cover”: We will remove cover and leave it folded on your pool deck. This does not include cleaning the cover or removing water and debris from the cover. It may be necessary to reschedule your opening, on the next available date, if the cover is not clear of water and/or debris.


These are the services performed as part of “Start System”: The filtration system and pump are started. We test heaters at the first opening visit (we do not leave heater running after we test it). We install ladder(s), handrail(s) and skimmer(s) as needed. If any parts are not poolside or defective, we will provide them and add them to your invoice. If your system has unexpected problems, an additional service charge may be required as the opening crews are dispatched with a full schedule and are equipped to only open pools. If your pool has automation, programming it is NOT included in starting the system. The tech will leave the automation in service mode if the automation is not properly set up.

These are the services performed as part of “Add Opening Chemicals”: We add a pool opening dose of shock and algaecide once the system is started. For chlorine pools we recommend that chlorine sticks or tablets be added ASAP. On any return visits, we will test and add chemicals as needed. *We will use your Suntime Pools West chemicals, if poolside. Any chemicals used from our truck will be billed at regular price. We recommend you have your water tested at one of our stores within 1 week after your pool opening. Imbalances in pool water chemistry can cause permanent damage to pool surfaces and equipment. SUNTIME POOLS WEST IS NOT LIABLE FOR WATER CHEMISTRY DAMAGE TO YOUR POOL.

These are the services performed as part of “Clean Pool”: We will vacuum, scoop and brush the pool as needed on our first visit. Depending on the option you choose and your budget, we will communicate with you after the first visit to determine whether we need to return. To minimize service charges you should backwash or clean your filter every 24-48 hours.

We DO NOT turn on your salt system at opening. The water should be tested and the salt level adjusted PRIOR to turning on the system to prevent damage to the control board. It may be necessary for you to add chlorine tablets to the water temporarily until the water chemistry is right and/or the water temperature is high enough.

We will NOT add water to the pool during the opening process. Please ensure that the water level in the pool will be at or above mid-skimmer level PRIOR to our initial visit. We may not be able to start the system if the water level is not high enough and a return trip fee of $70 will be incurred if this is the case.

By agreeing to this user agreement:  I certify that I have the authority to authorize work to be performed at the address I listed on this form. I agree to provide payment for services at the time of completion. I agree to either be present to pay by check or to provide a valid credit card in advance of the commencement of service. I understand that my credit card will be charged when service is complete.