Requested Date of Service and Communication: You will receive an email copy as soon as you submit the form; if you notice any inaccuracies or problems or you do not receive and email copy, please call our office as soon as possible. We book closings by the week of the month, and will contact you before your scheduled week to confirm the details of your closing and to arrange payment.

Services performed as part of “Winterize System”: Winterize and plug the lines, Drain/blow water from the equipment, Remove ladder(s) & handrail(s), Add antifreeze to pipes or equipment if needed.  If return plugs or gizmos are not poolside, we will provide and add them to your invoice.

These are the services performed as part of “Add Closing Chemicals”: We add a winter dose of shock and algaecide. We will use your Suntime Pools West chemicals, if poolside. Any chemicals used from our truck will be billed at regular price. We STRONGLY recommend you have your water tested at one of our stores within 1 week prior to closing. Imbalances in pool water chemistry can cause permanent damage to pool surfaces and equipment.


These are the services performed as part of “Put On Cover”: We will put on cover and fill waterbags and/or raise deck anchors. Cover should be poolside prior to our arrival. We can move cover from your storage location for an additional charge. -We DO NOT attach covers against manufacturer recommendations (such as with cinder blocks, rocks, planters, etc.).

If you plan to put your cover on before we winterize the system, please let us know prior to our arrival – additional charges will apply.

We do not drain water from the pool as part of the closing process: If you lower your water level before closing please do not drain your water below the top of the returns/jets. If you sign up on this form for us to lower your water level, the pool closing tech will evaluate and drain to the lowest point that is safe for your pool’s surface and cover. We err on the side of caution. If your pool has tile and the walls are gunite, concrete or stainless steel, the water level must remain below the bottom tile line to prevent freeze damage to the tile.

3-Way Valves are prone to winterization failure: We recommend replacing with ball valves prior to closing for best results. Contact us for an estimate.

We will automatically replace plugs and/or skimmer guards that do not properly seal. We cannot winterize the pool without fully functional plugs and skimmer guards.

*If temperatures drop below freezing before your pool closing, DO NOT turn the system off. Additionally, be sure to leave all suction and pressure lines open and running or you risk freeze damage.

By agreeing to this user agreement:  I certify that I have the authority to authorize work to be performed at the address I listed on this form. I agree to provide payment for services at the time of completion. I agree to either be present to pay by check or to provide a valid credit card in advance of the commencement of service. I understand that my credit card will be charged when service is complete.