New Liner Order Terms

Congratulations on your decision to invest in a new pool liner! You will greatly enjoy the fresh, new look of your pool! Remember to protect your investment by maintaining proper water chemistry. Please read and select below:

What is included

  • Taking measurements of the pool, and approval of print from the manufacturer to ensure a properly fitting liner
  • The custom liner
  • Installation of the liner, including the use or rental of necessary equipment
  • “Normal” bottom patching (up to 2 full bags of Pool Krete mix)
  • New skimmer and return face plates, unless your existing fittings require face plates we do not stock
  • Replacement Light Ring if needed

Your responsibilities

  • Provide us with access to electrical outlets, a working spigot, and enough garden hose to reach your pool
  • If the vacuum shuts off while the pool is filling, turn off the hose and call us
  • If the liner slips out of the liner clip 6” or more, please turn off the hose and call us
  • DO NOT walk (or allow children or animals to walk) on the pool bottom until we are completely finished, the pool is full, and we have given the okay
  • Call us if anything strange happens with the liner or if you have questions during the process


We cannot make timing guarantees due to the role weather plays in the installation process, but please communicate deadlines with us. Liners are installed in the order in which this completed agreement with deposit is received. For 20 mil and ultramayd liners, temperatures must be above 65 degrees, and for 28/20 mil and 28 mil liners, above 75 degrees. We will assess your yard for ground water issues which can cause installation delays.

The Process

  • Drain the pool
  • Acid Wash Fiberglass Steps if needed – REPLACING OR MODIFYING STEPS DURING THE LINER REPLACEMENT PROCESS IS NOT INCLUDED. Steps that are fiberglass or acrylic will NOT be converted to liner covered steps during the liner replacement process
  • Remove the old skimmer/return faceplates, liner, etc.
  • If only one bottom drain: remove drain, reconfigure plumbing, install dual drain system
  • Assess and patch the pool bottom where needed
  • Scrape and prepare pool walls where needed. If wall foam is needed, there will be an additional charge.
  • Check step strips, replace if needed (if new step strips or covers are needed, they will be an additional materials charge)
  • Install new liner
  • Set liner in place using vacuums to remove any folds or wrinkles
  • Fill pool to 6-12+” in shallow end (exact amount determined based on pool configuration, we will leave a tape mark at shallow end break)
  • Remove vacuum(s), smooth liner where vacuum was
  • Fill pool completely (unless special features require filling the pool in stages)
  • Cut in and install new faceplates for bottom drains, light, returns, skimmers, etc. (some may have been cut in during the filling process, light sometimes cannot be cut in immediately)
  • Swim to remove any remaining wrinkles

Payment Terms

A non-refundable deposit of 1/2 the total is required to place the order and the other half is due the day we finish cutting in the fixtures. We require a credit card on file to guarantee payment, but you are welcome to pay by cash or check provided payment is timely.

Potential Additional Charges that can arise after the Project Begins

  • Extra bottom patching ($300 per bag of pool krete after 2)
  • Wall foam ($350 per roll installed, including adhesive)
  • Step Strips and/or step strip covers (price and availability vary depending on the original installation)

By using this agreement: I certify that I have the authority to authorize work to be performed at the address I listed on this form. I agree to provide payment for services at the time of completion. I agree to either be present to pay by check or to provide a valid credit card in advance of the commencement of service. I understand that my credit card will be charged when service is complete.