New Custom Cover Order Terms

Custom Cover Installation Agreement

Congratulations on your decision to invest in a new pool custom cover!

What is included

  • Taking measurements of the pool and any obstructions relevant to the cover design and installation, and approval of print from the manufacturer to ensure a properly fitting cover
  • The custom cover, springs, deck anchors, cover storage bag and cover bar
  • Installation of the cover per manufacturer recommendations, including the use or rental of necessary equipment

Winterization is not Included with the Purchase of a Pool Cover

Your Responsibilities

  • Provide access to your pool as needed to obtain all necessary measurements.
  • Provide electrical outlets as needed to power our installation equipment and a working spigot.
  • Follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer for cover care and maintenance.

The Process

  • We measure the pool, send specs to the cover manufacturer, and provide you with a quote for custom pool cover options.
  • We order the cover upon receipt of a signed, completed copy of this agreement and a nonrefundable deposit of ½ the price of the cover. We may visit your pool to make a final check of the pool dimensions after you place your order, and sometimes the cover manufacturer requests additional information and we need to perform additional verifications between when you place the order and when the cover is installed.
  • When the cover arrives, we will contact you to set up an installation date. The cover usually arrives within two weeks after the order is placed, although manufacturer backlogs can occasionally cause short delays and are beyond our control.
  • At installation, we lay out the cover, drill holes in the deck and insert the deck anchors where each cover strap is to be secured. If you have contracted us to perform the pool winterization (must have separate closing agreement on file for closing), that will normally occur the same day as the cover installation (unless special circumstances result in an alternative arrangement).  When the holes are drilled into the pool deck for the cover anchors, it is possible that some cracking and/or chipping may occur. This is normally minor, but Suntime Pools West is not responsible for any damage resulting from the manner in which your deck reacts to this normal drilling process.
  • For remake covers your old cover will not be returned.